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Reparação de navios, soluções subaquáticas e limpeza de porões

Afloat services effected by our company:
• General Services of boiler.
• Repair and maintenance of hydraulics and pneumatics.
• equipments.
• Structural repairs (weld/cut).
• Recuperation of pieces.
• Repair and fabrication of manifold and pipeline.
• Special probes.
• Repair and maintenance of generator.
• Recuperation and inspection of pumps and valves.
• Repair and maintenance of diesel motors.
• Repair of coolers.
• Rewinding of electric motor.
• Service of refrigeration.
• Fabrication of pieces.
• Special submersible pumps to work on flooded areas.

Aqua Port is also a well recognized diving company classified by all class societies working in Brazil, to attending with different kinds of services, including In-water surveys in lieu of dry-docking.

Underwater services effected by our company:
• In water surveys with digital photo camera and DVD video.
• Propeller polishing.
• Installation of cofferdam for dry repairs.
• Hull cleaning with hydraulic brush kart.
• Blankings of sea chest and discharges.
• Underwater welding and cutting.
• Propeller repairs.
• Sealing of stern gland.
• Salvage.
• Support on Scientific Researches.
• MPI / NDT Inspections.

Work force:
• 20 Fully qualified divers.
• 4 Diving Supervisors
• 1 Technical Manager

• Cygnus Ultra sonic Thickness gauge.
• Complete set of closed circuit television with surface control.
• Digital photografic camera.
• MPI / NDT.
• Low pressure compressors.
• KMB full face masks and radios.
• Wet welding and cutting machines.
• Hydraulic power unit for propeller polishing.
• Hydraulic Brush Machine for U/W hull cleaning.

Exclusivity of Aqua Port all over Brazil

Over long years vessels discharging bulk cargoes like coke, coal, fertilizers, etc., always face problems for washing / cleaning holds when next cargo to load is grain.

View lack of good equipment and know how, this task is tiresome and takes much time, leading vessels to waist, sometimes 5 days, to perform cleaning.

We want hereby to inform that order to attend this demand at our ports, we have just acquired a patent for producing modern and powerfull equipments for this service, therefore within few days we will be able to reduce time used for this operations to a good extent. These new equipments can increase the cleaning operation by 05 to 10 times when compared to common apparatus.

This equipment, the “TOP GUN” works with water which is propelled by compressed air, it is developed by norwegian technology and is exclusive in Brazil.

Together with above we also acquired a “SPRAY FOAM SYSTEM” for cleaning and degreasing holds with performance of last generation equipments. With all this equipment ready to operate, we can estimate washing operation for a panamax vessel (for example) around 48 hours time including all hold and removing the residues remained by stevedores.

Excelência e compromisso com os clientes

Igor Araujo
Orion Rodos

O Grupo Orion conhece a Aqua Port vários anos. Eles são referência quando falamos sobre limpeza de porão e trabalhos subaquáticas. Contamos com a alta qualidade dos serviços e de seus profissionais qualificados para atender todos requerimentos solicitados por nossos principais. Nós de fato recomendamos a Aqua Port.

Demian Sarcinelli
World Shipping

Congratulations Aqua Port for the first 30 years of hard work and success! We’ve been following your fight for over 2 decades and attested during this period how serious you take your business, how careful you handle your clients` interests and specially how human your are with your team! Glad to count on such high leveled professionals as Aqua Port in Brazil! May fair winds and calm seas conduct Aqua Port for the forthcoming years!

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