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Cargo Hold Cleanning

Exclusivity of Aqua Port all over Brazil

Over long years vessels discharging bulk cargoes like coke, coal, fertilizers, etc., always face problems for washing / cleaning holds when next cargo to load is grain.


View lack of good equipment and know how, this task is tiresome and takes much time, leading vessels to waist, sometimes 5 days, to perform cleaning.


We want hereby to inform that order to attend this demand at our ports, we have just acquired a patent for producing modern and powerfull equipments for this service, therefore within few days we will be able to reduce time used for this operations to a good extent. These new equipments can increase the cleaning operation by 05 to 10 times when compared to common apparatus.


This equipment, the “TOP GUN” works with water which is propelled by compressed air, it is developed by norwegian technology and is exclusive in Brazil.


Together with above we also acquired a “SPRAY FOAM SYSTEM” for cleaning and degreasing holds with performance of last generation equipments. With all this equipment ready to operate, we can estimate washing operation for a panamax vessel (for example) around 48 hours time including all hold and removing the residues remained by stevedores.


  • Aqua Port renders its services on high professional and quality levels. We use and recommend its services.

    Mr. Marcelo Ferretti
    (Wilhelmsen Ships Service)

  • We, hereby as shipping agents established at Vitoria/Brazil, certify that Messrs. Aqua Port has rendered services for more than 22 years to some of our vessels , such as engine repairs, underwater inspection, holds cleaning etc. and we are very satisfied with the quality of the services, therefore we consider Messrs.

    Mr. Manoel Jorge Tavares

  • Aqua Port carried out the Underwater Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing of our general purpose vessel MV “KICKAPOO BELLE” at anchor off Vitoria. They completed the job in a very professional manner and followed up with a very thorough report. I would highly recommend them for this service. Well done Aqua Port!

    Mr. Andrew Parkyn - Techinical Superintendent
    (Roymar Ship Mangement)

  • It’s a pleasure to declare that Oceanus Agência Maritima S/A have requested whenever it is necessary, Dive Service, Weld/Structural Repairs, Boat Service and Hold cleaning to our costumer in view of great professionalism rendered by the Aqua Port.

    Mr. Sandro Duarte - Branch Manager
    (Oceanus Ag. Maritima)

  • We have been working with Aqua Port for many years now, and such partnership has been present in view of the quality of the services rendered until today. Clients have become satisfied with outcome of services, done by trained/skilled employees and ensuring a good performance and satisfactory results.


  • Fertimport Vitoria is about to complete 11 years in local market, pleased to have such a professional partner with excellence in all services offered to our customers and vessels.

    Mr. Demian Sarcinelli
    (Fertimport Vitoria)

  • We know Aqua Port for a long time, and they are our first choice when repairs services, holds cleaning, boat and dive services are required. Professional and reliable services are always provided to meet the high standard level required by our principals.

    Mr. Waldemar Rocha Junior
    (Columbia Maritima)